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Your National Missionaries to Ghana, West Africa, Serving God and Man

“For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.”
(I Corinthians 16:9)


November 2004 - Fall 2004  Newsletter
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Dearly Beloved in Christ

Greetings in our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ’s  name.

The Apostle Paul said we must “give thanks always for ALL things unto God…”Eph.5:20a.


The Blessing of our Tip to USA:

The Lord made our trip this year one of the best for the ministry here in Ghana.

The Lord provided the materials we needed to complete the building project, e;g. the Steel rods and Iron sheets, Computers and stationary for the school use. A Boat and various medical items for the clinic in Northern Ghana. A Vehicle for the ministry use. Generous donation of funds to help us ship the supplies to Ghana.

We are very thankful to the Lord and for all the many churches, companies and individuals that the Lord burden to give for the ministry here.


Arrival of Supplies And Clearing

The supplies arrived on the 28th of October.

I was able to do process the Exemption papers for all the supplies and exemption was granted for all the supplies with the exception of the Vehicle. The Custom Officials said if the vehicle sits more than 10 people then the Law of Ghana says if it is for school , it must be exempt. Unfortunately the vehicle  sits ONLY SIX (6) so we were not qualify; also the vehicle is Over Aged which also attract 10% penalty. (A vehicle brought to Ghana that is more than 10 years is over aged).

The total duty is $4000 which include the penalty. We had $1000 from the shipping fund, we had a loan of $3000 from a Christian Business friend, we are planning to sell the Vehicle for at least $6000 to $8000, to pay the brother and to use the rest for the ministry . The vehicle is with the brother. We have learn our lesson not to bring an over aged vehicle to Ghana and also to make sure that the vehicle can sit more than 10 people.


The Building Project:

We have start work on the building, we hope to do the concrete work this week on the third classroom. We will then do the fourth classroom in two or three weeks time. If all the funds for the cement comes in, we should finish the concrete work by the end of January 2005. We will need funds for 200 bags of cement.

We will still need blocks for the first floor at least 2000 block, $10 buys 20 blocks. Please those of you who still have the Coins Cards  you can make this a Christmas gift to the school building project by sending the card in next Month. If you need more cards you can contact the Office on 410-536-0332.


New School Principal and 2004 Admission:

We praise the Lord for bringing Sis. Harris to help with the High School. She has already made some major administration changes in the school for the Glory of the Lord. Teachers as well as students and their parents are praising the Lord for Her. Our admission this year is not the greatest due to the fact that we returned to Ghana too close to the re-opening and for Sis. Harris taking over the administration. The total this year is 45, but we are hoping to get more students in January 2005.


Trip to Northern Ghana:

We were planning to go to our outreach field from November 19th to the 23rd but the clearing of the vehicle did not allow us to go. We are planning to go on the 26th November to 30th November, Another trip is scheduled for January 31st to February 4th. That will be the time we will send the Boat over. We are also expecting some brethren from the state at that time. Be in prayer with us. I will give you an update on the churches and the Clinic when we return next week. Be in prayer for the pastors we still need sponsors for them...


The Mission Clinic:

We still need a Nurse for the clinic in Kpadjai-Salaga, short termers or long termers  are all welcome.

We also need Lab Equipments for testing blood


The Radio ministry:

I will like to say a special than you to those who are helping with tapes and equipment for this unique ministry to 3million people in Accra. Be in prayer for sponsors. We still need black cassette tapes.


ABOVE: Sr. Harris with Pastor and Mrs. Quarshie


ABOVE: The School Building


ABOVE: Truck dumping soil for the school building


ABOVE: Sr. Harris, Mrs Quarshie and some of the students

ABOVE: Steel work in process on the building




Brethren Pray for the  school, the building project, the youth ministry, the church planting, the clinic and God’s wisdom for us to continue with the work.

Ghanaians are also going to the polls on December 7th to elect our president and parliamentarians for the next four year.

Please do remember us in prayers, We rejoice with you for the successful election  in the USA this month.

Thanks  to the Lord God Almighty and to all of you for your love and burden for the ministry here in Ghana.

To God be the Glory.

In His Grace for His Glory,
Noah Quarshie (pastor)


Updated 12/09/2009