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Your National Missionaries to Ghana, West Africa, Serving God and Man

“For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.”
(I Corinthians 16:9)


March - April 2005  Newsletter
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Dearly Beloved;

Greetings in the Name of our Lord, Redeemer and King.


Easter 2005:

Our annual Easter feeding and fellowship took place on Easter Sunday after the morning service, followed by a film on the life of Christ. Easter Monday was a holiday, so we went out to the Madina township distributing tracts and witnessing. Five people accepted the Lord as their savior; over 1000 tracts were distributed. To God is the glory.


Second Mission Team from USA:

A team from Christian and Missionary Technical service and Carver Mission led by Rev. Andrew Merrick were here on the 8th of April.


Donation to a Mental Hospital:

We went to a Mental Hospital on the 9th of April to donate used clothing, medical gloves, food, soap, Bibles and tracts to the Patients of Pantang Hospital, near Accra. Their condition is very sad. Some were there due to drug abuse, others broken relationships, etc. Some of them are fine but their family members will not come for them.

The team from the States went to Liberia and then came back to Ghana on the 17th.


Trip to Northern Ghana:

We went to our outreach post in Northern Ghana from the 19th to the 23rd of April. The purpose of this trip was to roof one of the new churches - Fellowship Baptist Church, Namu.

We missed the Ferry in Yeji, so we passed the night in a rest house. We crossed the lake the following day - Wednesday. We stopped at Salaga and bought wood for the roofing and got to Namu at about noon. When we got there we saw that the rains had damaged part of the building, so we asked the brethren there to repair the damage so we could roof the building the next day.

We continued to Kpadjai, arriving there at 2pm. The team was divided into three, the women were doing the cooking, and the second group went to work on the Boat which had developed some electrical problem when we came back to Accra in February. The third group went to work at the clinic. A member of Bible Baptist Church, Bro. Collins who works with the UN, is using his vacation to help at the Clinic for one Month.

After dinner we went to Grace Baptist Church, Kpadjai. Pastor Andrew Bajus from New York preached. Nine people accepted the Lord as their Savior.


Namu Church Roofed:

On Thursday April 21st, after devotion and breakfast, the building group made up of nine men and Sis. Harris went to Namu. My wife and another Sister stayed to prepare dinner, while Bro. Collins worked at the Clinic.

We got to Namu at 9:30am. While we were working on the roof, Sis. Harris was with the children.

By 12:00 Noon we had roofed the front section of the building and the brethren in Namu brought us lunch.

We continued and by 3.00pm we had completed the whole building. We returned to Kpadjai at 4.00pm. After a shower and dinner, the Rev. Merrick and some of the brethren went back to work on the Boat.


Solar Power need for Kpadjai:

While the brethren were working on the Boat, I went with some of the brethren to see the Chief with his Elders about the need for Solar Power for the whole Village of 100 houses. They promised to contribute 50C per house to maintain the system if we were able to provide it for them. I told them we would pray about it and see what the Lord would do. When we got back to the house, the Boat group also returned with good news that the Boat was now working. Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.


Returning to Accra:

On Friday the 22nd we decided to meet with the Namu brethren in their new building. So the brother who drove our van volunteered to meet us with the Boat at Yeji. After the service at Namu we continue to the Lake side, only to be told that the Ferry had developed a mechanical problem so it would not come to our end. We sent a message through some Canon operators to tell our driver to come over so we could take a different rote to Accra. While we were waiting there was a heavy down pour, so we decided to go back to Salaga to spend the night. On our way, we saw a commercial Vehicle in a ditch, and found out that it was a tire rod end problem. They had used a nail to hold the tire rod in instead of a bolt, so we helped them to bring the vehicle to the road and they put back the nail. To our surprise there was a family from Namu in that Vehicle. It was a real joy to the whole team to see God’s hand at work.

We spent the night at Salaga in the Guest house of a friend of one of our team members.

Early Saturday morning, after breakfast, a tour Guard took us to the Historic Slave Market, Slave Bath houses and the Slave wells in Salaga.

We left Salaga about 9:30am and got to the lake side at Makango at 10:30am. We got on the Ferry at about 11:30am, arriving at Yeji at 12:30pm. We left Yeji about 1:30pm. Half way to Accra our Driver ran into a heap of stones to be used for road construction. We were able to push the van out of the stones with the help of some people in the town, but we had lost one head light. The Lord brought us home safely by His Grace at about 10:30pm.


Sunday Service at Bible Baptist Church:

Rev. Andrew Merrick preached - the Theme of the massage was, “Saved to Serve”

Mrs. Nancy Merrick and Rev. Andrew Bajus gave their testimonies. It was a real challenge and blessing to our people. Sis. Nancy later had some time with the Ladies fellowship. After dinner at the “Redd Lobster”, the USA Team went to a brother’s church near Accra for the evening service.

Rev. Bajus left Ghana on Monday. Tuesday was a day of rest for Rev. & Mrs. Merrick. Wednesday we went on a Safari near Accra followed by a prayer service in the evening. Thursday the 28TH was for rest, shopping and then departure in the evening, via London, Holland and the States.

Below are pictures of  the Donation, Namu church, other pictures of the trip, The School building etc.

ABOVE: Donation to Pantang Hospital
Accra, April 9th


ABOVE: On the Ferry over Lake Volta,
from Yeji to Makango-Salaga


ABOVE: Namu building at 9:30 AM - April 21st


ABOVE: Building Team in front of the roofed
church at 3:30pm - April 21st


ABOVE: Mission Team with Namu church members
10:00am - April 22nd


Bips & Bips Sec/Tech:

Our second trimester break took place on the 15th of April. School will re-open on May 9th for the third trimester.


The Building Project:

We are now working on the form work to pour the concrete to complete the ground floor.

Praise the Lord for a church and a family from Allentown, Pa. who have donated for the final concrete work. May the Lord bless them?

After the concrete we will need $5000 to do the floor work of the first floor.

As it is now we cannot use the building, but we are trusting that the Lord will provide the funds on time to do the floor work so the building can be use in September. We are expecting an increase in admission then. Our goal is at least 100 students. Pray with us.

Fuel price increase are affecting us very seriously; we are spending over $60 per week on fuel.

Please let us know if the Lord has laid it on your heart to help us complete this building project for his glory.

We praise the Lord for all the brethren who have been contributing towards the work.

ABOVE: Update on the School Building


ABOVE: Flash Back - Installation of Bro,
Harris as Progress Chief of Kpadjai.
(Nana Kwaku Ochrebo Walker 1st.)


The Radio Ministry:

Continue to pray for financial support for this ministry. We also need blank cassette tapes.

Thank you all for your prayer and financial support.


Need for Mission Secretary/Treasurer:

Brethren we praise the Lord for the help Mr. & Mrs. Holmes have given to us for the past two years. They have informed us that they will be moving to Virginia in March 2005. Mr. & Mrs. Van and Martha Holmes’ health will not allow them to continue the Mission work. Please be in prayer especially for Bro. Van, he has a heart problem.

We therefore need very urgently a Secretary/treasurer, on part-time basis. Please let us know if you can help. You can email bipsgh@ghana.com or call the Office on 410-536-0332 for details.

May our gracious Lord continue to bless you spiritually and materially.

In His Grace for His Glory.

Noah Quarshie’s Family.


Updated 29/11/2009